Halong Travel Experiences


Are you excited for your next trip to Ha Long? It is confusing and fun to join the tour, but you wonder what you need to prepare when traveling. Therefore, we would like to send you some notes when traveling in Ha Long – the places have been recognized as World Natural Heritage.

Tourist visit Ha Long Bay
Tourist visit Ha Long Bay

Tourist visit Ha Long Bay

1 Time to travel Ha Long

Halong Bay is a part of the Tonkin Gulf  – where the weather has divided four seasons, most notably: Winter (from November to March next year) is cold and summer (From April – October)  is hot.

So that the clear division of the weather at any time Ha Long is also an attractive destination for tourist. While Vietnamese tourist love to travels to Ha Long in summer (from April to October) every year. And the winter is a season that attracts foreign guest.

Summer is the main tourist season of Ha Long, then you should probably focus on the following stages: from March to May and from August to October and should not go to June to July every year because of the following reasons:

The weekend of June – July is the peak days, the number of tourist to Ha Long is very crowded, so some tourist will feel discomfort and the price of services are usually higher than the normal days.

At the same time, according to the law of nature, June – July is the month when a lot of typhoons land in the Tonkin Gulf and Ha Long Bay, so be careful when traveling to Ha Long Bay in June – July. It is the best to go to Ha Long Bay soon ( from March to May ) or goes a little later (from August to October).

If for some reason such as a vacation when you have to go to Ha Long Bay in June – July then you should hire travel agencies to organize and they will help you limit about two weaknesses in the lowest.

2 Package preparation  for your Ha Long trip

In summer, Ha Long Bay is hot and sunny just like the other famous beaches, so that will cause the women’s skin are hurt so to avoid sunburn, the item indispensable as sunscreen ( usually creams with SPF 30 or more)

If you are stylish and attentive to caring for your “teeth – hair”, then you should bring shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste… Although the hotel was equipped somethings quality cannot be as good as the things that we prepare and carry away from home.

If you are a nature lover and enjoy sight but you don’t want to stand the sun-drenched of  Ha Long Bay that a sunglasses and wide – brimmed hat will help you limit these inconveniences.

You should prepare a pair of soft sandals, easy-to-go which you will feel comfortable when walking to do bathing and combined with sightseeing some famous cave.

For swimming, a swimsuit is an essential item which decided pretty much to your confidence in front of the crowd. So you should actively prepare for it from the home or folding without being prepared, then you can go to the beach where rent with reasonable price from 25,000 – 50,000 VND depending on type. If you go with your baby, a life vest is very important.

If you are passionate about photography, the camera is an indispensable item, do not let yourself have to regret not taking the camera because of the beautiful scenery in there.

3 Roadmap and transportation in Ha Long

About transportation and roadmap, there are many ways to choose depending on your preferences and conditions.

From Ho Chi Minh city, you can take the train to Ha Noi then move to Ha Long City or take a bus through Ho Chi Minh to Hai Phong then move to Ha Long. You may have to pay less cost, but it takes more time. To save time, you can fly from Ho Chi Minh directly to Hai Phong or Hanoi then continue to Ha Long by bus.

You can find airplane ticket from three major low-cost airlines in Vietnam

VietJet Air: https://www.traveloka.com/vi-vn/vietjet-air

Vietnam Airlines: https://www.traveloka.com/vi-vn/vietnam-airlines

JetStar: https://www.traveloka.com/vi-vn/jetstar

Ha Long is 170 km away from Hanoi, takes about 3-4 hours by car. You can catch Hoang Long Express bus at Kim Ma station on Nguyen Thai Hoc street. Every 15 minutes there is a trip. Telephone number: (04) 3845 2846. At Long Bien, My Dinh, Gia Lam stations have high-quality vehicles to Ha Long. Also, you can take the train from Hanoi to Ha Long which departs at Yen Vien station at 4.55 pm every day.

Ticket price from Hanoi to Ha Long is about 60,000 VND (passenger car). The price of xe om from the bus station to Bai Chay resort is 15,000 VND per person. If you go to Hon Gai, you can pay to 40,000 VND per person. You should take a taxi if the group of three or more. Catching the bus from bus station to Bai Chay or Hon Gai is cheaper, and the highest price is 5,000 VND per person.

4 The hotel has a good price at Ha Long

There are many 3 and 4-star hotels located in Bai Chay Resort for choosing. The price of 1 room 3-star hotel is from 474,000 VND / day. You should go at the beginning of the week or midweek to avoid to rent rooms with too high prices. Every week, from Friday to Sunday, Ha Long is often crowded, so the room price is often raised quite high and full. Besides, you can rent motels with an average price from 150,000 VND / day.

A super cheap and comfortable hostel you could find is Halong Party Hostel, which is only 150,000 VND / day.

5 Cruise ships in Ha Long

Nowadays, Night trips on Ha Long Bay are choosing by Vietnamese guests. It is interesting feeling if you spend one night on the boat with many activities such as sightseeing the beautiful Ha Long Bay when sunset or sunrise,  join the kayak, swim in the bay, sing karaoke, catch squid when the night…

Night trips on the bay can take two days one night or 3 days two nights depending on the journey of each cruise ship. There are three stars cruise ships such as V’spirit, Majestic, Calypso, Halong Sails, Oriental Sails, Glory… prices for a two-day voyage is about 2,200,000 VND or more, including all haulage services from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, three meals, scenic tickets… Also, there are many 4 to 5 stars cruise ships such as Au Co, Bhaya, Emeraude, Paradise, Starlight… on Ha Long Bay. You can contact travel agents to get the best price, especially in the summer, many cruise ships apply promotional policies for Vietnamese guests.

6 Eating and Drinking in Ha Long

About food, there are many restaurants from high-class to affordable for you to choose when to Ha Long. Example: Mithrin Restaurant (Hung Thang, Bai Chay); Panorama Restaurant (168 Ha Long, Bai Chay); Son Ca Restaurant (98 Wharves); Bien Xanh Restaurant (08 Le Thanh Tong); Hai Ninh Restaurant (zone 3, Vuon Dao); Thien Ly Restaurant (Ly Thuong Kiet, Cua Ong)… If you want to enjoy the specialties of Ha Long Bay, you can go to Sea Food Restaurant (Ha Long Road); Thu Huong Restaurant (Ha Long Street); Noi Nho Restaurant (Tran Hung Dao Street).

7 Transportation and visiting in Ha Long

You can use the taxi to traveling around the city. There is some band of taxi: Taxi 886 – Mong Cai (033. 886 886); Ha Long (033. 62 62 62); Hon Gai (033. 84 84 84); Mai Linh (033. 628 628)…

Visit the Bay, you can contact the charters at Bai Chay tourist boat port (033. 846 592); Ha Long Tourist Boat Dock (033. 847 481); Duong Hai Company (033.845.42); Ha Long Bay Service Center (033. 844 631); Hai Au Company (033. 824 779).

Beside cruise ships overnight on the bay, you can book a boat to visit Ha Long Bay. Boat rental fare depends on time and type of boat. If a group of 10 to 15 people, you should rent a small wooden boat for comfort. And if you go alone, you should ask the hotel staff to help. Ticket price is 40,000 VND per person. If you go 6 hours on the bay, the price for the boat will be 100,000 VND per person. You should choose a 3-4 hour trip to save money. It is possible to choose early morning or noon to be more comfortable in traveling and resting.

8 Amusement and entertainment in Ha Long

You can visit Ha Long Bay on the boat. Boat operate hourly, the long trips to visit many places, stop at many caves. The short trip only goes through the highlight places. You should visit Bay in the morning for cool, and the afternoon is quite sunny, hot.

In general, you should take a short trip, the long trip is a little tired, especially with elderly person and children who go tired.

Getting a motorbike taxi (if traveling alone), catch a taxi (if you go whole house) to Tuan Chau Island where have a clean beach, if you like swimming, you can run out here. In the evening and morning, there are also many shows: whales, water music… ticket price is about 80,000 VND. In general, this island is also beautiful, so you should go to see.

In the evening, you can catch a cycle (if you go 1-2 people) or a carriage (if you go with a group) to go around Bai Chay, enjoy the sea air and the comfortable feeling of cyclo/carriage.

Price: 100.000 VND if cycle. If it is a carriage, the price range: 200,000 VND for an hour.

One more point, you should go to see Bai Chay Bridge in the evening, take the elevator on the bridge, standing in the dark and look down make you feel excited. Elevator ticket price about 4000 VND. You can enjoy more fun at some bar on Bai Chay street.

Shopping at Night Market: The night market has many art items… You can buy these souvenirs as a small gift for relatives and friends (Note: Prices are very high because most customers are tourists, so the price is higher than normal) You can bargain according to your feel.

Enjoy the Queen’s Cable Car and The Sun Wheel: Price reference for adults: 300.000 VND / 01 tickets, children from 1 m – 1.3 m: 200.000 VNĐ / 01 tickets, children under 1 m free (Price includes package for both cable car, Sun Wheel and amusement park on Ba Deo hill)

9 Other considerations when traveling Ha Long

Should check the balance before you buy (best way is to bring a bottle of 550 ml spring water, before and after weighing you have to put the bottle up if the weight is 550 g, it is a correct balance).

When you sleep on the cruise ship, you shouldn’t bring drinks or food because you may have to pay a pretty expensive service fee.

Please note that don’t leave litter when traveling (please littering in the prescribed places).

Obey the safety regulations on Ha Long cruise ships and beach to get you a trip: safe – fun – memorable.

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