Noodles Fried With “Ngán”


Noodles Fried with “Ngán” (a species of Veneridae) is a new dish of restaurants in Halong City, but before this dish is quite common in regions near Lemon river, Quang Yen town of Hung Yen province.

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Noodles Fried with “Ngán” dish is not eye-catching, because white noodles are mixed with black “ngán”, added with black mushroom, mushrooms and green onions, green and black at all.

Noodles Fried with “Ngán”
Noodles Fried with “Ngán”

Moreover, if you are not familiar with “ngán” because of its typical strong smell, it is really hard for you to enjoy the dish. But when the dish is your favorite, it can be addictive. It turns out that the dish is your real favorite because it creates a separate range on party tray, not mixed with any dish.